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Cost Control


Two of the biggest concerns customers have in deciding to build are getting the house done on time and at the promised price.  Here are a few points that help mitigate any cost over-runs that you might find with other builders.

Because you are dealing with us directly at the beginning of the design process, our experience allows us to advise you on the cost impacts of any design changes before they get into the final plan.  Our specification sheet is exceedingly detailed and outlines all aspects of the build process.  We will review each section line-by-line so there is no misunderstanding what the expectations are.

We are know as a financially stable builder with over 20 years experience who pays there bills on time and makes sure the jobsite is always ready and clean for the next sub-contractor.  And our long-standing relationships with our suppliers and craftsmen allows us the best possible pricing.

We are a small, family run business and do not rely on "volume" to be successful.  Because of that we are able to respond to customer requests very precisely and in a timely manner.  You will be dealing directly with the owner of the company on all matters regarding your home and can have peace of mind that all cost decisions can be made quickly and reliably.

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For the past 20 years Clairbrook Homes has set themselves apart from other home builders by earning a reputation for distinctive home building and design along with superior craftsmanship.

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"Dear John and Konstantin:

The home you built for us is simply amazing! We’ve been here for 8 years and have loved everything about it.   Now that our family has grown so much in the past few years we know exactly who we want to build our next home.”

Jim and Lee Ann McDowell – Southampton Drive, Upper St. Clair